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Leading Performance

Our brand promise is Leading Performance. As a result, our overarching aim is to deliver top performance in all areas. To ensure Leading Performance, we merge the dimensions of attitude, competence, and performance into a functional unit. Leading Performance is driven by our mission, makes it possible to realize our vision, makes our positioning tangible, and is based on the foundation of our values.

Our mission as the driving force behind our actions

Our competence and performance are the result of goal-oriented and systematic work. As a knowledge partner to our customers, we are an integrated service provider which seamlessly integrates into client processes and increases customer performance. We perform.  

Our vision as an image of the future

For our customers, we see ourselves as a recognized knowledge and service partner with the competence to really solve problems. We deliver complex components as individual pieces – or in any quantity desired.

Our vision rests on three pillars:

Leading Performance

// Engineering, service, and manufacturing

Thanks to our competence in engineering, service, technology, and manufacturing, we have become a full-service provider for special screws and all other connecting elements, including numerous service packages that save our customers expenditure and costs.

Leading Performance

// Attitude and competence

Our esteem and attitude towards our employees, our customer understanding, and our competence make us a recognized partner for highly stressed screw connections and complex solutions.

Leading Performance

// Customer proximity and performance

Our constant customer proximity and willingness to cooperate, our efficiency, and reliable conduct make us an integrated service provider in the overall process of our customers, fully integrated in production processes and actively supportive in every situation.

Our positioning as a statement of what we stand for

Bundled competences consisting of engineering with system expertise, a deep understanding of services, and the ability to manufacture even complex components economically make us an attractive knowledge partner with service competence. We regard ourselves as a problem solver for our customers according to the guideline: “We take care of you”.

Our values as the foundation of our actions

Professional structures and processes reflect a strong brand. With courage, enthusiasm for performance, and a maximum of security and competence, we are committed to actively shaping the future.

Our brand essence – enthusiasm for performance

Our brand essence – enthusiasm for performance

Target-oriented and systematic work has been the key to our success since our foundation in 1971.

Both the management and all employees at Schuster commit themselves daily to making the company better and more intrinsically valuable.

However, our enthusiasm for performance is not simply an end in itself, but is channeled and controlled by underlying values such as security, competence, sustainability, and the will to actively shape the future. Technical and other top performances must not distract us from securing the existence of the company and jobs in the long term. That is why Schuster's credo is to work actively for the future with security as our foundation, with unique and unsurpassed commitment as our engine, and with sustainability as our guiding principle.

Our basic value - security

Safety as a basic value at Schuster

Our basic value of security ensures that our enthusiasm for performance is properly channeled. No matter what challenge we tackle, which projects we launch – the secure existence of the company and its employees is always in the foreground, without being exclusively inward-looking. On the contrary: We involve all our dialog partners so we can develop sustainable solutions together.

Our understanding of security at Schuster is based on a strong brand, on reliability and trust in the market through our extensive manufacturing expertise, on professional organization, clear structures and processes, and a binding delivery capability even under exceptional circumstances.

Respectful, cooperative, and long-term cooperation in continuous exchange with suppliers and customers creates perspectives and opens up horizons that provide a solid foundation for all sides.

Our trend value – actively shaping the future

Our permanent trend value – actively shaping the future

The trend value is the basis for further improvements and motivates us every day to set ourselves new goals and to realize them through active action. We are convinced that we can only succeed in the ever-changing markets if we take the future into our own hands. Our enthusiasm for performance thus results in high technical performance, professional internal organization, and clear structures and processes.

At the same time, we work to minimize the complexity of our processes and workflows and adapt them to foreseeable developments. After all, only those who can cope with future processes will continue to be successful.

Our orientation value – sustainability

Commitment to sustainability – a matter of course for Schuster

We orient ourselves toward sustainability. Our commitment to sustainability in everything we do sets the guidelines for our actions. Sustainability has three dimensions: Economic, ecological, and social sustainability are equally important to us. After all, only sustainable action in the present will guarantee the lasting existence of our company along with its employees, customers, and suppliers.

At Schuster, we rely on state-of-the-art technologies and means of communication, intelligent production and sales methods, optimized order acceptance and processing, and beneficial services. All this serves to secure the long-term sustainability and marketability of the company.

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